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Hampstead, NH: March 20, 2012

Traynor Glass Offers Luxury Shower Enclosures for New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts

Traynor Glass is now providing creation and installation of custom luxury glass shower enclosures. Recently they have updated their ability to provide unique shower enclosures. Traynor Glass provides luxury glass shower enclosures to Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

When it comes to bathrooms, the shower says it all and as Dan Traynor, President of Traynor Glass, explains, “We’ve overhauled our ability to bring unique luxury glass shower enclosures to New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.”

“If you are looking to transform your bathroom into a more visually appealing room we can help,” says Traynor Glass President Dan Traynor. He jokes, “Seeing your shower enclosure is, hopefully, an every day activity. So it’s important for it to be visually pleasing.”

As Traynor explains, the expertise of Traynor Glass’s team has given the company an opportunity to transform visions of luxury shower enclosures into satisfying realities for businesses and homeowners across New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

With full service design and installation Traynor Glass is confident that customers will immediately enjoy the visual and functional aspects of every shower enclosure. To deliver such a product, Traynor Glass focuses on a customization process that includes designer, builder and installer services. On top of this process, Traynor Glass is focused on providing “no nonsense, top-to-bottom service for luxury glass shower enclosures.” According to Traynor, this has allowed the company to continually provide its customers with unique and luxurious shower enclosures, despite a decline in new construction.

Traynor offers multiple shower enclosure options upon creation. Options include sliding shower enclosures, frameless custom shower enclosures with heavy glass, semi-frameless shower enclosures and a virtually limitless palette for custom solutions. All custom services are completed in-house, allowing Traynor Glass to tailor luxury glass shower enclosures from start to finish. In addition, for customers not looking for custom luxury shower enclosures, the company also offers a large selection of pre-manufactured and custom manufactured bath enclosure units by Basco.

Traynor Glass, located in Hampstead, NH has been providing quality glasswork for Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts since 1978. Traynor is committed to providing fast, courteous service while providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. In addition to luxury glass shower enclosures Traynor offers design consulting and installation services for etched glass, cabinets, windows, doors, mirrors and more, for both commercial and residential use.